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Do not lap over the margins on the left or right; do not wrap writing around the notebook-paper holes.Do not squeeze the problems together, with one problem running into the next.

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In math, that translates into a greater need for clarity in mathematical writing.

The intention on these "Homework Guidelines" is that you and your instructor communicate better, and that you succeed both in your present mathematics courses and in future mathematical communication with co-workers and clients.

Write the answer in of your work, and mark it clearly by, for example, underlining it or drawing a box around it.

Label your answer appropriately; if the question asks for measured units, make sure to put appropriate units on the answer.

Do not use the "equals" sign ("=") to mean "indicates", "stands for", "leads to", "is related to", or anything else in a sentence; use actual words.

Plus/minus signs ("±"), "= 0", radicals, and denominators should not disappear in the middle of your calculations, only to mysteriously reappear at the end. If the problem is of the "Explain" or "Write in your own words" type, then copying the answer from the back of the book, or the definition from the chapter, is unacceptable.

In summary, schools today have made the development of essential skills, the provision of significant and meaningful learning experiences, and the development of the workforce some of its primary goals for student success.

As such, they want their instructors to guide the students toward a higher level of confidence and competence.


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