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The title of this paper is “Does mindfulness training improve cognitive abilities?A systematic review of neuropsychological findings” (Chiesa, A., Calati, R., & Serretti, A., 2010, p. Interestingly, this article uses a long interrogative title which may have three reasons.

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Take “point outexplore” for example, in the sentence “Although it has been pointed out that such interventions should be better labeled as brief “acceptance-based processing”the effects of mindfulness training have sometimes been explored as brief (e.g.

10 min) mindfulness-induction interventions” (Chiesa et al., 2010, p.

451), the reporting verb “point outexplore” perform the function of presentation with neutral here represent author’s neutral attitude.

Because the following point shows a revision of this opinion, “Although it has been pointed out that such interventions should be better labeled as”.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of written discourse, For this purpose, this present paper reviews analyses a journal article about current theories in terms of the effects of mindfulness meditation practices (MMPs) of cognitive functions, and focuses on the analysis of some salient features to develop a deep understanding of analysis of written discourse.

This paper starts with the analysis of schematic structure, which is followed by the study analysis of lexical features and finishes withas well as syntactic and grammatical analysis.

Another sampleexample is “explain”Another sample is verb “explain” which used to quote a supplement argument with neutral strength.

which is used Iin the following context, “Nevertheless, such mindfulness training, as Langer herself have explained (Langer, 1989), should be distinguished from other types of MMPs.” (Chiesa et al., 2010, p. This argument is a supplement to the “Langer’s cognitive model of mindfulness” (Chiesa et al., 2010, p.

A reporting verb is a verb used to signify that written text is being quoted or paraphrased (Nordquist Thoughtco, n.d.).

Generally, reporting verbs can be classified into three parts in terms of their strength, which include tentative, neutral and strong (Ibrahimova, 2016), ).


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