Digital Photography Assignments

Digital Photography Assignments-12
Five problem sets comprising theory-based questions will be assigned during the semester.Each problem set is due at PM on the Thursday listed and, unless otherwise noted, each will be released two lectures prior to its due date. These critiques offer opportunity to showcase ongoing work and receive constructive feedback while exchanging ideas and foster conversation among everyone in the course.Topics include quality of light, exposure control, depth of field, aesthetics, composition and patterns, perspective, color science, the human visual system, spatial and color perception, exposure, metering, digital sensors, optics, analogies to biological systems, color filter arrays, file formats, sensor linearity, color spaces and profiles, optical and computational image artifacts, and software tools and techniques for modification and enhancement.

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That is a total of 12 critique images; in the event that a week has no lecture, a critique image is still due. Please submit to the Course Blog (You will gain access to the blog upon successful completion of Problem Set 1).

Please also plan to display a small number of your critique photos in section or lecture.

Beginning September 17, we will begin to solicit volunteers to demonstrate their work to the class.

If you cannot watch the live lecture stream or participate in any section due to timezone (or other) issues, we'll ask you to send us a brief 30-60 second video (recorded by webcam or digital camera) to introduce the photograph that we will display and then discuss.

All assignments (except the final project) are due at PM on the listed due date.

Henry plans to record his Saturday section on Adobe Connect and make the recording available to those that have a conflict and cannot attend. Note that, due to the layout of the Adobe Connect software, you might sometimes need to click the maximize button (which looks like this: ) to ensure that you can see the software below the video.The Extension School is committed to providing an accessible academic community.The Disability Services Office offers a variety of accommodations and services to students with documented disabilities.We will have limited time during lecture, so please be sure you volunteer early to secure a spot!Although sections are optional, you will need to display your work in either section or lecture at least once in the course of the semester to receive full participation points.Please visit Disability Services for more information.You are responsible for understanding Harvard Extension School policies on academic integrity and how to use sources responsibly.Four projects and a final project based on creating photographs will be assigned.Each project is due by PM on the Thursday listed and, unless otherwise noted, each will be released two lectures prior to its due date.Not knowing the rules, misunderstanding the rules, running out of time, submitting "the wrong draft", or being overwhelmed with multiple demands are not acceptable excuses.There are no excuses for failure to uphold academic integrity.


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