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By looking at the various cultures of India one gets to admire its diversity and also gets to know the religious beliefs of the people and their glorious past.For Indian people, culture is a way of life, it is something that is deeply ingrained in their soul.

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Culture is one of the most important and basic concepts of sociology. The anthropologists believe that the behaviour which is meant is called culture.

In other words the behavior which is transmitted to us by some one is called culture.

In sociology we use the word culture to denote acquired behavior which are shared by and transmitted among the members of the society.

In other words, culture is a system of learned behaviour shared by and transmitted among the members of a group.

People of one state are completely different on cultural grounds, from the people of other state; nevertheless, they follow one rule of law.

Culture also acts as the window of India to the outside world.

Culture determines and guides the varied activities of man.

In fact culture is defined as the process through which human beings satisfy their wants.

Culture is transmitted not through genes but by means of language. Language in its different forms like reading, writing and speaking makes it possible for the present generation to understand the achievements of earlier generations. Once language is acquired it unfolds to the individual in wide field.

Transmission of culture may take place by intuition as well as by interaction. In its historical growth it tends to become cumulative.


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