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Theory course cluster These courses will make you familiar with current anthropological theories.After finishing the cluster, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of the core concepts of the programme Cultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation; You will learn how to use theory to analyse empirical data, while being aware of the importance of scientific integrity and professional ethics.For this reason, we do not consider our program a “terminal master’s degree.” Roughly half of the students admitted into our Ph D program each year are graduates of our own MA program.

Each student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.

All students are required to complete satisfactorily a core curriculum composed of one graduate course in at least three of the four fields of anthropology: Additionally, a seminar in research methodology (ANT 600) is required.

Methodology course cluster You will be given an overview of anthropology’s principal research methods: If you are taking any computer-based classes, please bear in mind that you might be expected to bring your own laptop.

As a UU student, you'll have access to practically all study software via your own laptop, free of charge, wherever you are.

These four core courses should be taken during the student’s first year in residence.

Remaining credit hours are based on coursework in the student’s area of interest, and thesis hours for students taking the thesis option (see below).Entering students must provide evidence of having taken introductory-level courses in each of the four fields before taking the graduate courses.A student who has not had an introductory course may be required to take or audit the appropriate undergraduate course before enrolling in the graduate course.The Department of Anthropology at The Florida State University welcomes master’s degree-seeking students with an interest in archaeology, physical anthropology, and cultural anthropology. All transcripts, recommendations, test scores and other application components must be received and processed by FSU by January 15th 2020.Two thesis-type programs are offered: Master of Arts (M. This overview is meant to give you an idea of what to expect.Please note that the italicised courses will change for 2020-2021.The following pages will take you to their respective repositories: These dissertations and theses span all of the sub-fields of anthropology: sociocultural, archaeological, museum, linguistic, medical and biological anthropology.Below, you will find an overview of courses from the current academic year of this Master's.In preparing a thesis, the student should consult guidance found on the Graduate School Website. Students who take the thesis option must present and orally defend their thesis to their entire committee.The student and adviser will schedule the thesis defense for a time that enables all campus-based committee members to attend in person.


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