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However, topics such as these are becoming more difficult to teach in the classroom since politics has become an increasingly-hot discussion in American culture.Still, the Annenberg Institute does a fantastic job of staying objective in terms of political allegiances, prompting teachers to have students evaluate claims from republicans, democrats, and non-affiliated individuals.

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With 24/7 news, social media, and thousands of publications of every kind, students of every age are subjected to a constant flow of information.

That means your students are responsible for discerning what’s truth and fiction in their everyday lives.

With these seven lesson plans, you can help your students understand and apply critical thinking in a variety of ways to make them more independent and self-reliant individuals.

is an ongoing project focused on the proceedings and history of United States law, politics, and civil discourse.

, but fun classroom activities that present a challenge and require students to overcome it.

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That includes instructions on time management, interactive math problems, physics paradoxes, psychological concepts, and good old-fashioned riddles.

The Annenberg Institute presents a collection of 18 different lesson plans that run the gamut from detecting false information to understanding the differences between opinions based on beliefs and opinions based on behaviors.

They also help teach students how to build an argument and how to detect flaws in ’ arguments as a way to identify truths and lies in everyday life.

In that respect, Concordia’s offering you something much more complex and skill-based than simple lesson plans.

But the value you can derive from these resources lets you set the stage for continual professional improvement around critical thinking education.


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