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smiling almost always shows happiness or consent, and frowning depicts displeasure or concern.As it may be, this is probably the first language that was evolved by our hominid ancestors.The way that these techniques would be used would be that the various situations that appeared as abstract to the people with autism and Asperger syndrome would be represented as concrete depictions and these would allow for the people to reflect.

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In addition, they have difficulty in (a) understanding the beliefs of others, (b) shifting attention, (c) sharing attention with others, and (d) distinguishing relevant from irrelevant stimuli.Over the course of the years that I have spent with such people, I have had to develop certain very crucial communication skills that involve listening, body language, posture, verbal and non-verbal information, and communication through sign language, makaton, pictures, storytelling, and comics.One of the things to realize about the communication process with these people is that one cannot standardize any one method of communication.Correctly reading the smiles and the tilting of the head enables the interviewer to gauge the person being interviewed.A few studies have been conducted on smiling and these have distinguished between a few forms of smiling.This type of a communication method was found to be very appropriate for the people with autism and Asperger syndrome, even though it had its disadvantages.This method was extremely slow and it would take a lot of patience from both the workers as well as the patients' side in order to communicate effectively. Using Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations to Interpret Social Situations for an Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome.The closed smile was seen mainly when the individual was not actively participating in social interaction, for example, when playing alone with toys.The broad smile was usually seen during active play, especially rough-and-tumble play.Also, this type of communication had its limitation as the patients were unable to convey some of their more intense and complex ideas and emotions. Evaluating effects of a social story intervention on a young girl with autism. At the same time, many of the people with autism and Asperger syndrome were able to present other ideas very clearly by using illustrations. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 14(3), 180-186.


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