Creative Writing Programme

If the student is unable to finish what was tasked for that day, they will have paragraphs to complete at home.

Over time, as they familiarise themselves with the skills, phrases and the writing duration, they should be able to finish what is tasked for the lesson.

Students will write a composition every week and we cover as many themes/topics/story ideas as we can throughout the year.

For more complex topics like ‘dilemma’ or ‘loyalty’, the compositions will be completed across two weeks.

Through the writing process, they are able to put practice their usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.

Over time, as the students practise what is taught in class and learn to apply them in school, they should be able to see an improvement in their composition grades.We are also up to date with the latest MOE syllabus.Our teachers are trained, dedicated and passionate!If your child is unwell or has school activities, we can pro-rate your fees or credit the fees you have paid for, to the following term (maximum twice a term) – with valid supporting documents i.e Medical Certificate or a school letter.Other emergency reasons will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. Most Primary 1s are suitable for Write Edge’s creative writing programme., the teacher is typically able to give enough attention to all students, including the students who might not be able to catch up as quickly as the rest.Attending a creative writing class should help to improve your child’s overall English Language competency.Ultimately, beyond attaining stellar grades, we believe that providing the platform for students to write, practise, make mistakes and revise their drafts weekly will benefit them in the long run.The important language and writing skills acquired will prepare them for their examinations and beyond. We run our weekly lessons from Wednesday to Saturday.As students progress up each level, the stories get more intense and complex.Higher-level skills such as foreshadowing and building suspense are introduced.


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