Creative Writing Instruction

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Teachers can also write alongside students to model good writing behaviours.

Schools can promote writing clubs where students can write together, share their writing and even self-publish it in online forums and blogs.

Writers come to Grub Street to learn how to be better writers.

They engage deeply with the craft, receive objective feedback on their work, revise with intention, read actively and widely, and strive for artistic excellence in all the work they produce.

Despite the link between writing for enjoyment and positive literacy results, there is accumulating evidence that writing instruction in schools is becoming limited.

The current focus on forms of writing tested in standardised formats, such as tests like NAPLAN and PIRLS, puts pressure on teachers and schools to narrow writing instruction.Other research by ACER suggests the need for more openness and innovation in teaching writing.Teachers are committed to improving their students’ writing, given the emphasis in class on assessment of writing by NAPLAN and other international tests.To increase students’ enjoyment of writing, more time could be given to creative forms of writing such as poetry, song lyrics, short scripts, personal memoirs and comic pieces, and combinations of different types of texts with visual materials in multimodal and digital composition.We now have a rich body of research and toolkits that support teachers in writing instruction.There also needs to be a shift in the current policy and assessment emphasis on specific outcomes to one which empowers teachers to promote writing to learn and writing for enjoyment.What can teachers and parents do at home and at school to foster an enjoyment of writing?He has already noted teachers and school leaders are bound by an inflexible curriculum.This includes approaches to writing and literacy that focus too heavily on prescribed functional texts.But they also need to feel they can allow more time for unstructured or personal writing that promotes creative writing identities for students.mandated forms of writing (such as persuasive, narrative or instructional writing) would allow students to develop important skills in writing that reflect the emerging digital world and a range of necessary literacy competencies.


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