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Hagrid is also immediately distinguishable by the way he talks: “Blimey, Harry, didn’ yeh ever wonder where yer mom and dad learned it all?” It’s helpful if the physical traits repeatedly associated with a character are indicative of their personality.

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Readers need to feel something about your characters—curiosity, sympathy, animosity—anything but indifference.

The best characters are ordinary people with exceptional qualities who do extraordinary things.

Here are prompts you can use to flesh out your character. He began each day by squeezing out a strip of toothpaste exactly the diameter and length of his toothbrush.

Each character trait and detail you develop when you create a character reveals a different part of the character’s appearance or personality. The man was a dentist, a little pretentious, lived with his family, and liked order. After 5 minutes of vigorous brushing and a 30-second swish of minty mouthwash, he was ready to descend to the kitchen for breakfast with his family.

So the bottom line is a writer should try their best to put in 100% in terms of handwork and research when it comes to characterisation.

And in doing so, one amazing tool that helps tremendously is Character Profile Sheet.Rather than describing your character directly, use some of the information from the character profile to introduce your character to readers in an engaging way. The second example is a more effective and interesting way to develop the man’s character.It also lets readers experience his personality themselves and form their own ideas.If it wouldn’t have been for these sheets I would have been still writing the first draft for it.Being a hardcore planner, maintaining CPS is like a second nature.Here are the character sheets that I’m using for my second book, I had 3-4 timelines to maintain and 5 complex characters to remember.The CPS I prepared for all the characters and timelines proved to be a lifesaver.You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute The University Writing Center, Texas A&M University.Characterization is the most important aspect of writing a book.Many people believe that in certain genres, such as mystery-thriller, romance and horror, the story is the main hero and not the characters, and therefore it’s okay to have even half-decent characters to play along when it comes to writing in these genres.But being a thriller writer myself, I think that it is totally wrong.


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