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Despite many edits and hours invested, I cringe at the writing. I couldn’t have written a better article then since I didn’t have the experience of publishing, gaining feedback, and trying to improve with each step.

Hopefully, six months from now, I’ll be embarrassed by this article and everything that’s come before it. If you’re having fun, the quality will take care of itself. As literary genius and one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, wisely put it,“The main rule of writing is that if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you’re allowed to do whatever you like.

Don’t you yourself like or dislike writers mainly for what they choose to show or make you think about? People read to be entertained and educated and inspired. And you’re doing them a justice by writing on the topic. Writer, author, and professional bar-setter Susan Sontag included the following reflection in a 1972 journal entry, What did you do today to keep in form? If I’m curious about it now, likely someone else already was and someone else will be again in the future. He cites these trips as a critical element in maintaining the level of innovation that Pixar is continuously recognized,“In any business, it’s important to do your homework, but the point I’m making goes beyond merely getting the facts straight.

Did you ever admire an empty-headed writer for his or her mastery of the language? None of these are possible with a topic the writer finds disinteresting. I’ve found there to be no better cure for writer’s block than research. Research trips challenge our preconceived notions and keep clichés at bay. They are, I believe, what keeps us creating rather than copying.”Research helps us understand multiple perspectives.

Their body language and tone change almost immediately.

They’re excited and engaged and those feelings are contagious. When we’re reading something that an author believes is truly meaningful, it comes through in the writing.

They taught us that to be a writer, we needed to learn to write the proper way. And most don’t see an issue with starting a sentence with a conjunction or ending it with a preposition. What I learned can be summed up in two points: I know my story isn’t singular. If this is what we’re taught, it’s not surprising that the majority of people never write for fun after leaving high school.

And there’s no room in the craft for untalented clods who aren’t willing to follow the rules. We’re simultaneously developing mediums that help people spread ideas like never before while discouraging people’s interest in using them.

For all of us looking to better connect, better communicate, and better spread our ideas, a disinterest in writing becomes a significant impediment.

If we expect to take advantage of these opportunities, we need to get past this mindset. When Tim Ferriss is faced with a difficult business or relationship decision, he’s been know to ask himself the simple question, It’s a question that cuts through our misconceptions about worth.


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