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Everything in the known universe thus far has been quantifiable and reducible, even the eye which creationists have constantly claimed cannot possibly be.Anyone who's spent a considerable amount of time watching both sides will also notice that much of the time those on the religious side of things tend to argue about things like the Big Bang when at some point in the conversation it becomes clear they don't even know what the Big Bang actually was. There's enough faith to go around today and facts can't be refuted by anything other than contrary facts, which faith cannot provide if it refuses to enter the realm of tangible reality. Intelligent design is very different from creationism, with the only similarity being that they both posit at least some involvement of a creator (thought ID makes no assumptions about its identity or characteristics other than intelligence) in life and/or the universe. Beyond that, intelligent design is an evidence-based, testable scientific theory. I suggest some honest reading up on ID, and keeping this article to actual Creationism.Progressive creationism believes humanity was directly created by God, based on primate anatomy, while intelligent design and theistic evolution include a variety of beliefs based on the idea that divine intervention led to something that may appear like evolution.

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Creationism is typically based on a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Supporters of Intelligent Design argue that either God created the conditions for evolution or point to patterns occuring in nature as evidence that the universe is not random but created by an intelligent being.

There are many flavors of the creationist worldview.

Young Earth Creationism and Gap Creationism believe that humanity was created by God, but while Young Earth Creationism claims the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and was reshaped by the flood, Gap Creationism claims the world is the scientifically accepted age.

Any conceivable evidence that could be gathered for a theory other than Intelligent Design could be claimed to be evidence for Intelligent Design as well, by just claiming that "for reasons unknown to us, the designer chose to design it that way".

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Likewise, any evidence against Intelligent Design could likewise be dismissed with a similar claim.

The intelligent design hypothesis is not supported by evidence.

Since 1929, the term “creationism” in the US has been associated with Christian fundamentalism, and specifically with a disbelief in evolution and a belief in a young earth.

Parallel evolution, on the other hand, occurs when two or more species develop similar traits, such as growing wings, to survive the same environment.

Finally, convergent evolution occurs when two or more species develop similar traits in different environments.


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