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To apply to these assignments, you will need to submit your CV or resume as well as a United Nations Personal History P11 form to the email address indicated in the vacancy announcement. [Word] Alternatively, if you have maintained a candidate profile in e-Recruitment, you may download that profile and submit it as part of your the Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group, a 4-year multilateral initiative aimed at developing practical recommendations to enable governments to harness the potential of sport to advance their domestic and international development and peace goals.

Unlike traditional sources of consulting services, we are best-positioned to assemble affordable 'dream teams' in a flexible manner.

Areas we are most familiar with include : business strategy, integrated supply chain management and logistics, improvement of manufacturing processes, information management, managing the innovation process, operational effectiveness and cost reduction programs.

As a contractor on a contract-to-hire assignment, you’ll have the advantage of evaluating the company from the inside to see if the company is right for you.

Better Work-Life Balance: Contractors have more flexibility when prioritizing and balancing their personal lives vs. Travel Opportunities: You decide where you want to go.

Master in Applied Economics IAG (UCL), Anne Portzenheim offers over 25 years experience in developing people, teams and businesses as marketing & communication manager. Anne is Certified Coach and Certified Insights Discovery.

[email protected] line: 32-(0)10-849550 Commercial Engineer ICHEC (Brussels), Pierre Rennotte has been a consultant for over 20 years.

Build your Professional Network: Temporary engagements will give you exposure to different types of companies and allow you to work closely with a variety of industry professionals.

You can view our recent job postings for both permanent and contract positions here.

We can work with you as an incorporated LLC or we can set you up as a W-2 employee, handling all the payroll taxes, etc. We can even provide a full suite of benefits (health, vision, life, dental, etc.) if you work at least 30 hours a week!

Benefits of Contract Employment Higher Earning Potential: Companies typically pay a premium for the right contractor with the right skills at the right time.


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