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The young couple was joined in marriage and soon twin boys were born to them.

"I feel very grateful to be here, especially for the all the nice people." She said her goal was to teach in a small Catholic college where she could work closely with students on texts from the ancient Christian world, and continue her passion for research.

He is the leader of the army of God during the Lucifer upraising.

I also chose Joseph because my middle name is Joseph and I thought it would be fun to choose him as a topic.

I’ve also wanted to know more about Joseph because I’ve never learned a lot about him and I knew I would gain more knowledge about him by choosing him for this report.

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.

Although he was a humble person, Joseph came from a royal lineage. Saint Matthew said that Joseph was the son of Jacob, but Saint Luke said he was the son of Heli. Joseph did decide to divorce Mary, but did so quietly because he knew that Mary would be stoned if he had done it publicly.

It is also assumed that Joseph might have taught carpentry to Jesus.

Joseph was a man of faith, Joseph has a few cities named after him; the most popular are San José in California and also in Costa Rica.

She has published a book review in Religious Studies Review, and six reports on conferences in Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies (four reports), E-Gorgias, and Syriac Dialogue.

She has presented papers at 18 conferences or scholarly meetings, many for the Patristic Society or Syriac conferences.


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