Compare Islam And Christianity Essay

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The Qur’an clearly considers marriage to be among God’s signs by which human beings “may dwell in tranquility” ().

Some Muslim scholars define the functions of a Muslim family as “acquisition of spiritual perfection, chastity, avoidance of sin, commitment, and responsibility” (Ahmad-Panahi 1385 Sh, 35-37).

Moreover, every human being longs for an intimate and affectionate relationship to achieve mental peace.

According to sociologists, many people find their most satisfying relationship with their wives, parents, children, or other relatives (Bostan et al. Socially speaking, marriage is associated with both material and immaterial consequences.

In Islam, marriage is a dear deed to God and is consistent with human nature.

Prophet Muhammad (s) says, “There is no foundation built in Islam dearer to God than marriage” (Majlisi 1403, 12).Others consider the main goal of marriage to be the formation of a family that gives rise to a new generation of healthy and pious Muslims (Elahi and Malakutifar 1389 Sh, 105). Islam emphasizes the necessity of this desire and God’s wisdom in creating it, and considers marriage as the best way to satisfy it (Elahi and Malakutifar 1389 Sh, 106).Monasticism is therefore impermissible in Islam, and marriage is regarded as a means to reach spiritual perfection rather than an obstacle.Marriage, like other natural needs, should be satisfied in a sufficient and timely manner.Nevertheless, in some societies, marriage is sometimes delayed or carried out prematurely, leading to many social and individual problems.As mentioned earlier, marriage contributes to inner peace and leads to spiritual balance in individuals.A society consisting of mentally balanced individuals will have healthier social relations, whereas a society prevalent with mental anxiety and emotional imbalance will give rise to many crimes and disorders. All societies—even the very primitive ones—see marriage as an important phenomenon in life, and therefore regulate it with special principles and rulings.Individually speaking, every human being has a sex drive, which is a primary material need similar to the need for food and water.According to divine religions, satisfying sexual needs is permissible only through marriage.Marriage protects faith, so much so that the Prophet (s) said, “When a man marries, he has protected half of his religion” (Hurr al-‘Amili 1412 AH, 14:5).Based on Qur’anic verses, Muslim scholars consider marriage to be a natural act with two goals: (1) achieving peace and tranquility, and (2) continuation of the human race (Hamoudi 1432 AH, 27-29).


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