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With The Hunger Games, the Reaping is treated as a holiday.There is no work so the citizens in each of the districts decide to sleep in and afterwards celebrate if their kids weren’t chosen for the games.It must be simple so that everybody knew what the discussion is about. It requires time, finding out about what you write.

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Even one difference is enough, and there will be more than one since there are no two identical things under the sun.

As you see, we’ve immediately told who the compared subjects are, from which spheres both of them are, what they do, and even gave a hint, that leads us to the contrasting and comparing part.

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Need to know how to write a compare and contrast essay? But before that, we should clarify on compare and contrast writing.

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In The Hunger Games every year there is a reaping and twenty-four tributes are chosen to compete in the games.

By the end of the games twenty-three tributes are dead.

There are three aspects that are going to be covered.

Aspect one is a comparison between both of the stories and the people in them blindly following traditions. Aspect three is comparison of the people who don’t want traditions to change.


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