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The conclusion of your report should reinforce the main storyline and shed light on your plans. A strong conclusion should compel the reader to want to know more about you and your cause. Kelly Meier earned her doctorate from Minnesota State Mankato in Educational Leadership.She is the author and co-author of 12 books and serves as a consultant in K-12 and higher education. Meier is is a regular contributor for The Equity Network and has worked in education for more than 30 years.According to a 2010 survey by Do, evidence of community service is one of the four most important things to include in a college admission packet.

Note who helped you along the way, and what you learned about community needs.

This information will serve as an outline for your report.

Jot down some notes about why you got involved and what you learned from your experience.

Consider how you’ve changed as a result of helping others.

This is an ideal opportunity to show how volunteering has helped you grow and develop.

Long-term commitment to helping others shows your ability to stick with something and provides a glimpse of who you are as a person.You should include why getting involved in the community is a personal value.The introduction will signal a college admission committee that you took the initiative to volunteer and that you learned something from the experience.Or a Future Business Leader of America leader develops an educational app that improves student performance.Or a chess club president teaches the game to disadvantaged children and earns national recognition for the pilot program.She has numerous publications with Talico, Inc., Dyna TEAM Consulting, Inc. Admissions officers are looking more and more closely at extracurricular activities and leadership skills when evaluating college applicants. But before you start accumulating hours for all sorts of miscellaneous things, know that college admissions staff are not just looking for a high number of hours.The body of your report should reflect your passion for serving the community.Explain why you chose a specific cause and what you did in your role as a volunteer.If you can get recognition for service that extends beyond the school or local area, it always plays well with admission committees.You need to make sure admissions officers see your community-service activities so make sure they are listed in your application or attached to it as part of your high school resume.


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