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Print advertisement, therefore, becomes an essential source of income for the media offering this service (Wheeler, p. It can be particularly useful to use big pictured computer advertisement to capture the attention of potential buyers because though this is a bit expensive, it is more rewarding in the long run.Another form of print media that deals with individuals directly is the use of brochures and fliers.

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They should be eye-catching and large font should be used for them to be legible from a distance. The invention of the internet has been a significant threat to print media.

This is due to the internet’s ability to reach to a larger population online.

Computer advertisements on billboards should, therefore, be exact and should be able to create a lasting impact on the people.

This is because those targeted by this form of advertisement are people who are driving and may not have enough time to read a lot of material on the billboards.

This is done by use of different methods and is intended to cause a rise it the quantity of the services rendered or computers sold.

Potential buyers are informed of computers, their uses, and other essential benefits and are persuaded to buy them after being convinced about the need to do so.This brochures and fliers should have all the vital information about the computers being advertised and if possible brightly colored pictures. This entails the use leaflets made from uncomplicated material for example paper. The leaflets or postcards are distributed to mailboxes belonging to different people.Most people, however, do not value such material and they end up treating them as trash and dispose of them without even reading.They include the use of print media and broadcast among many other forms.In this paper, print and broadcast computer advertisements are going to be tackled.The use of billboards is also another form of print advertisement.Billboards are intended to catch the attention of people who are using highways and other major roads.Big sized advertisements tend to attract more attention, but on the other hand, they are more expensive.It is also costly because placing an advert just once is not enough, but there should be consistency in advertising.Companies have therefore resulted in the use of the internet to advertise which is more rewarding than using print media.Although there is still significant use of print media, more people prefer to compliment it with other forms of media. This is a way of passing on the message to the people by use of radio and television.


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