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While Sam was in the process of figuring out how to pull together the money needed to start his business, a family tragedy struck.Sam’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed within one year.Sam had its limitations, Sam quickly returned to the home brew shop where it was purchased to ask questions about ways he could have more control over beer recipes and the equipment it would take to execute. Sam returned home that day with a roaster pan and stock pots from the local home brew store and began to develop what would be his first recipe.

While Sam was in the process of figuring out how to pull together the money needed to start his business, a family tragedy struck.

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After much discussion they decided to move forward with the plan.

They would take a second mortgage out on their house to get started. Sam and his wife were willing to take the risk of a taking out a second mortgage to fund the business.

With the cash finally in hand start the brewery, it was game on and time to begin evaluating locations and completing the regulatory steps needed to legally start this type of business.

Selecting the right location of your brewery is one of the most important factors that can determine the success of failure.

The location being considered was near the center of the city and accessible by a lot of major roads.

Business Plan Microbrewery

In Sam’s situation, most of the startup cash would go toward funding the rent for the location and getting it outfitted / transformed into a brewery.Sam tested recipes for a wide variety of beer styles, including red’s, American Pale Ale’s, Porters, IPAs and continued to refine them for years as an avid home brewer.As Sam got more serious and worked to refine the recipes, most of the beer would be given away to friends and family members that were eager to sample the latest style.For many breweries renting space at a quality location is the largest on-going monthly expense.(Note: The biggest monthly expense could also be labor depending on the size of the operation.)Finding the right place that checks the box on all of these categories can be a lot like finding a unicorn… Sam originally looked at a Fargo location for his brewery, which is the largest city in North Dakota.Eventually Sam told himself it was time to actually figure out how to make the business work or move on: We need to either do this or give it up.Life’s too short to be miserable at work all the time.Sam selected a location in an industrial area that’s 2160 square feet.It’s not uncommon to find breweries across the United States located in what would be considered a traditionally industrial area.Eventually, people started to compliment how good the beer had become.Sam got to the point where there was a waiting list of people that wanted to receive and try future batches that were brewed.


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