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That’s a must for the image of your brand, and will certainly lead to success. E-commerce is booming for years, so a webshop is certainly a good idea. Also offline selling (in retail shops) is necessary.

The marketing strategy is the phase where you decide how you will sell your clothes. Find out which stores fit your style and ask them if they want to sell your clothes.

A business plan is a roadmap that outlines goals, plans and how to achieve those goals.

With a thorough business plan, you can think critically about your idea and discover if your model is valuable, actionable and achievable.

Thereby, you have to find out how you'll communicate with your audience.

Choose the most effective communication channels (social media, website, blogs…) and communicate on a regular basis.If you acknowledge this fact, you will have a clear mind on your business.Be critical and adapt your business plan if necessary.Draw your design digitally, and focus on every detail. We can help you out with our This is a very important step, don’t choose the most easy or cheapest producer. Make sure that this partner is doing quality control.Your brand has to be made from high-quality materials.The analysis is necessary because you have to know your market and if you can build a sustainable brand in it.You can do a market analysis by following these steps: Every great brand tells a great story, let’s talk about your story.A business plan of a clothing line is a key document with information about the description of the market, your brand story, your products with the pricing, your marketing strategy and financial information.A market analysis is research about the business market you’re in: the fashion industry.The second reason, and that’s the most important, is to calculate your own benefit. For every month for the first year, you can set up different lines of sales.How do you write the financial part of the business plan? This can be measured on the results of the past year(s).


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