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But the matter of business method} process has become difficult.Ancient information system has been unable to fulfill the prevailing state of affairs.Internet power and business trend changes have provided a broad Application Of Business Intelligence In Agriculture 2020 System to Improve Efficiency And Support Decision Making in Investmentsfree download Abstract Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output.

Most new buying is of modern, business-user-centric platforms forcing a new market perspective, THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND BUSINESS DECISIONSfree download Abstract: The aim of the use of artificial intelligence in business is in the field of optimization minimization the costs and maximization the profit.

The mostly used methods of artificial intelligence are fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.

The large or midsize companies need a technology to adapt changing requirements, to deal with rich amount of data; to get correct information, analysis data, and finally to quick support Probabilistic and Fuzzy Logic based Event Processing for Effective Business Intelligencefree download Abstract: This paper, focuses on Probabilistic Complex Event Processing (PCEP) in the context of real world event sources of data streams.

PCEP executes complex event pattern queries on the continuously streaming probabilistic data with uncertainty.

Any analytical tasks can be implemented directly by the transactional system but it becomes more difficult as the transactional system grows.

Analytical systems and their extension The Goal Questions Metrics for Agile Business Intelligencefree download Abstract Business Intelligence (BI) becomes in the front of demanding technologies.

The The Effects of Business Intelligence on Strategic Management of Enterprisesfree download Discipline of informatics must contain one of the significant issues that need to develop for especially processing systems of large-scale enterprises.

At this point, a well-designed business intelligence (BI) system, which includes a structure of regular business activities Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platformsfree download Summary The BI and analytics platform market's multiyear shift from IT-led enterprise reporting to business-led self-service analytics has passed the tipping point.

Business intelligence performs the operations to gather, transform, analyze and present the raw data to aid in the decision making.

The implementation of service oriented Implementing Business Intelligence System-Case Studyfree download Abstract: Understanding and analysis data is essential for making decision within a system.


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