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We need strategies on how to be more assertive during tough conversations, and not just be aggressive, or passive-aggressive, or just plain passive.We need to be able to give our students criteria about the differences in communication styles so they can reflect and shift strategies, depending on the situation.In this package, we provide over 2 weeks of lessons to do with your class to introduce the learning skill / transferable skills concept of “Communication” to your students.

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(Being assertive doesn’t mean you have to be standing your ground on every single issue.

Sometimes, we can choose not to argue / negotiate over every little issue, as long as those issues don’t cross our personal limits and boundaries.

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[…] For our Six Cs of Education Unit we have these bus commercials () as one of our ways to represent collaboration.

(Oh, and by the way – communication is different from collaboration.

But, actually, effective communication is more than just talking.Communication is easy if both players want the same thing. Then the question becomes how effectively can we communicate our needs and our boundaries so that we get what we want, but also protect our personal boundaries.There are 4 communication styles in difficult conversations: Communication can break down at different parts or because we have different perspectives that affect the way we interpret messages. In this package, we: We communicate all the time, but students don’t always understand HOW to communicate more clearly or HOW to be ASSERTIVE and protect their personal boundaries.You can talk or write and still be ineffective if the other person doesn’t understand your message clearly.Just because you send the message doesn’t mean the other person received the message, or understood what you meant.However, communicating clearly and communicating assertively in tough conversation is NOT always easy!There are 3 key concepts: A tough conversation is where both people want different things, and the issue is important to both parties.Sometimes students will be communicating in a group, and participating, but that doesn’t mean they have effective communication strategies.Just because a team gets something done, doesn’t mean there was true collaboration.So, we created a guide to help […] Black History month is an opportunity to celebrate African American individuals who have made an impact on the world.One such individual is Donovan Bailey, a world-renowned track star.


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