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Below is an example of how one might structure a blue-print for a 10-chapter long novella about how a woman deals with her husband's cheating: Chapter 1: Open with Gail, (the main character) waking up in a strange room.Describe the scenery and her emotions of fear and excitement. Chapter 2: Gail and her husband Steve have an argument.

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You still have control over the topic of the essay, but why reinvent the wheel if the most successful essay format already exists?

Before you ever write an essay, really think about the question. Make sure you answer the question fully by the end of the essay and have done so in a grammatically correct, structurally sound, and entertaining manner.

If you happen to be working on a novel, it's good to know the key events before you even start to write.

In a screenplay, being aware of the direction of each scene is even more important as the medium tends to be more limited (especially in length).

As you read through the excerpts of the Good, Bad, and Ugly drafts, ask yourself why the examples in question are Good, Bad, or Ugly. Try to fill in the “…” of each section to actually complete the Good, Bad, and Ugly essays.

The vast majority of good college essays follow the same format.This can save a lot of time during the writing process; whenever you get stuck, you can always refer to the blueprint to see where you are and where you want to go. Today we are sharing a fun little exercise aimed at helping give a little perspective to those in the throes of college application essay writing.Students should take this as an opportunity to assess if they have paced themselves and structured their essays correctly.— Examine the three key segments of three different drafts of the same college essay.As she falls asleep alone in a guest bed, she smiles and says, "I can take care of myself."The above blueprint gives a plan for each individual chapter, reminding the writer what has to be developed at each stage in the piece. How much detail to put in is a matter of choice - just as long as the key dramatic elements are there. : August 12, 2005 started out like any other day for me as I prepared for my duties as a camp counselor for disadvantaged city youth…It was the last time I would enter that coffee shop as a child because in the next two minutes I would learned the hard lessons of an adult.This is where you go in-depth and tell the riveting, meaningful story.You've done your brainstorming, and now it's time to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).In a sense, writing a story is like building a house - it goes much faster if you draw up a blueprint first.


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