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Although the Teets did not expressly assign the invention to Chromalloy, the Court construed an implied-in-fact contract to assign the invention to Chromalloy based on the particulars of the employment relationship. Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation, 83 F.3d 403 (Fed. Employers should implement procedures to obtain invention assignment agreements from employees.

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As such, at the least, Chromalloy could continue to sell the new composite blades to GE.

Upon appeal, the Federal Circuit held that Chromalloy had more than just “shop rights” but also owned the patent rights. Based on this case, it is important to set up proper procedures and documentation to clarify ownership of intellectual property rights cases not only in the employment context but also when hiring a sub-contractor.

These types of agreements might include other clauses as well.

For example, the agreement might ask the employee to list all inventions the employee created before working at the company (which the employer will not own the rights to).

An assignment agreement transfers and assigns one party's property rights to another.

In real estate, an assignment agreement will be used by a lessee to assign the remaining term of a lease to a subtenant.Assignment agreements are also frequently found in employment agreements when companies require employees to assign all inventions conceived and developed in the course of their employment to the employer.Companies owns invention rights by one of three ways from employees.If you are asked to sign an invention assignment agreement, and you anticipate you might create something valuable during your employment, it’s probably a good idea to talk to an experienced employment lawyer.A lawyer can explain how courts in your state have interpreted its intellectual property and employee ownership rules, and he or she can review the contract to see whether it can be enforced.In California, for example, an invention assignment agreement is not valid as to inventions created entirely on the employee’s own time, without using any of the employer’s resources or property (including intellectual property).(Although there are exceptions where the invention results from the work the employee did for the employer or relates to the employer’s business or anticipated research or development.) California employees who are asked to sign an invention assignment agreement must also receive a written notification of these rules.intellectual property rights arising from the worker’s services to the company.Employees typically see these provisions in a Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement (Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreements [CIIAA]offer letter or employment agreement.A handful of other states, including Illinois and Washington, have similar laws. for more information.) If you work in one of these states, make sure any contract you are asked to sign meets your state’s requirements.If you can’t figure out whether the contract is legal, consult with a local employment lawyer before signing.


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