Assigned Tasks

Smart Queue where they can add comments and mark it complete.

You can see when the assignment is complete and decide when to mark the overall task complete.

To add a comment to an assignment click the button and type the message in the Comments panel.

The owner of the task will be notified of your comment and can respond.

In the Assignments tab of Settings select the method you prefer and enter the email addresses as necessary. GQueues sends you notifications about assignments to help you keep on top of things.

To choose the types of notifications you wish to receive, go to the Notifications tab in GQueues Settings and make your selections.

It just takes your name off the task.) If you want to prevent a person from ever assigning you a task again see Blocking People from Assigning you Tasks. This name is displayed to others when they assign a task to you, and also appears in their dropdown menu for assigning tasks.

If you leave your display name blank then only your email address will appear to others.

You can remove users from the Assignments dropdown menu by going to the Assignments tab in Settings and clicking next to the user you wish to remove.

(This is helpful if you mis-typed a user's email address).


Comments Assigned Tasks

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