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A work is protected automatically from the time it is first written down or recorded in some way, provided that it has resulted from the creator’s skill and effort and is not simply copied from another work.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be difficult for an author to prove that he or she had created a work at a specific point in time.

An author cannot prevent the copying, or other use of his or her work, if that use is covered by one of the exceptions to copyright.

The principal copyright exceptions of relevance to authors are: In order to infringe the author’s copyright, a “substantial” part of the work must have been copied. Because it is impossible to say with certainty what is meant by “substantial” in any given situation, users are often reluctant to rely on this exemption. A work may be used by anyone for the purposes of research or private study without the permission of the author, provided the use is conducted in a way which does not prejudice the rights of the copyright owner.

However, it is prudent to do so as it reminds people that the work is protected and identifies the person claiming the rights.

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The notice usually consists of the symbol © followed by the name of the author and the date of creation.Proof of this fact might be needed in an action for infringement.An author can create such proof by sending a copy of the work to himself or herself by registered post, keeping the post office receipt and leaving the envelope unopened.The work may also be used for criticism or review or for reporting current events, with the same proviso, and provided further that the use of the work is accompanied by an acknowledgement identifying the author and the title of the work.This bundle of exceptions is known as “fair dealing”.However, another person could write their own script using your general ideas without necessarily infringing copyright.The other person would only be infringing your copyright in the outline if they started copying enough of the way you had, for example, structured your plot.Moral rights were previously unknown under Irish law, but are a common feature in other European systems.They have been introduced in Ireland as a result of European Directives aimed at harmonising copyright law throughout the European Union in the Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000.Although the legislation does not state the fact, it is unlikely that the making of multiple copies of a work will ever qualify as fair dealing.The use of author’s works for certain educational purposes is permitted.


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