Assign A Static Ip

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Then, you can add a new access configuration with the new external IP address.

Then, you can add a new access configuration with the new external IP address.

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Promoting an ephemeral external IP address to reserved does not cause GCP to drop packets sent to the instance.

This includes packets sent to the instance directly or by means of a load balancer.

If you stop and restart the instance, the instance retains the same internal IP address.

If you do not specify an IP address, Compute Engine automatically allocates one from the subnet or network.

You can specify an internal IP address using the If you delete an instance with a specified IP address, the address goes back into the unallocated address pool.

If you need an internal IP address to persist beyond the life of the instance, you can reserve a static internal IP address.

You can reserve two types of external IP addresses: Note: Network interfaces can receive traffic from multiple forwarding rules, which might serve other external IP addresses.

Any number of external IP addresses can reference a network interface through these forwarding rules, but each network interface can have only one external IP address that translates packets to the interface's internal IP address.

If you don't want an ephemeral external IP address, you can explicitly assign a static external IP address to the instance instead.

You can change or assign an external IP address, either ephemeral or static, to an existing instance by modifying the instance's access configuration.


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