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[tags: modern art, hans belting, art history] - The Pompeii exhibition at LACMA was an astounding visualization of history.The exhibition provided all sorts of objects; from sculptures, glass figures, painted art, and more.

[tags: modern art, hans belting, art history] - The Pompeii exhibition at LACMA was an astounding visualization of history.

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A work of Korean art is not very meticulous in tiny details. This seemingly indifference lies in the flexible state of mind of early Korean artists who love nature as it is.

Ko Yu-sop, a Korean art scholar, defines the characteristic aspects of Korean art as "technique without technique," "planning without planning," "asymmetry" and "nonchalance." During the Three Kingdoms period (BC-AD 668), the first major period of Korean Art during recorded history, the local powers of Koguryo in the north, Paekche in...

Both the Isho-ningyo and the Iki-ningyo were merely two of the plentiful assortment of dolls created by the famous Japanese artisan, Goyo Hirata, as items of “luxurious indulgence.” The Kintaro doll of Isho-ningyo type or Iko-ningyo type illustrates t...

[tags: Art History, Japan] - Characteristics of Romanticism in the History of Art.

[tags: Art, Arts, Academic degree] - It all started when we were born and never really quite gave it a thought.

We didn’t recognize the importance of our surroundings until someone pointed their significance and their influence on how we thought or act.However, it has also allowed for me to focus on personal interests within arts histories.One of the key factors I have taken interest upon is the changing nature of the physical nature of paintings....New Media means many things to many people but simply put, it’s an open to semi-open community for interactive dialog and relationships.“[New] media […] is increasingly more a site of coordination, because groups that see or hear or watch or listen to something [that “something” in particular to this essay, is Art History] can now gather.” (Shirky) The New Media has become a type of social communications tool, used in the ever-evolving world of the Internet....In the 1960’s numerous important art movements were happening at the same time....[tags: Art History Artists American History Essays] - The History of Korean Art The arts of Korea, while largely influenced by Chinese, are characterized by simplicity, spontaneity and naturalism.My interests with this has led me towards a course in the field of art history.I have engaged and analysed with different theories and philosophers which has expanded my understanding of art and its histories.[tags: Arts Paintings Art History] - Changes in Art History with Emphasis on the Mid-Twentieth Century Art during the mid-twentieth century contained some of the most important changes art history.These explosive times were counter-balanced with explosive popular culture.


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