Argumentative Essay Is Proof For The Existence Of God Necessary

All their essential parts must be in place at the same time, or the organism dies.So God must have created these parts all at the same time.That is, those who profess to be atheists do ultimately believe in God in their heart-of-hearts.

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It certainly doesn’t mean that there is a God.” Christian: “The Bible claims that God exists, and that it is His Word to us.

Furthermore, what the Bible says must be true, since God cannot lie.” Atheist: “That is a circular argument.

And second, how do you know that such subjective feelings are really the result of God?

The right drug might produce similar feelings.” It should be noted that all the facts used by the Christian in the above hypothetical conversation are true.

While the facts are true, the arguments do not come close to proving the existence of the biblical God.

Some of the arguments seem stronger; I happen to think that irreducible complexity and information in DNA are strong confirmations of biblical creation.

The universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause.

That cause is God.” Atheist: “Even if it were true that everything with a beginning requires a cause, how do you know that the cause of the universe is God? Maybe this universe sprang from another universe, as some physicists now believe.” Christian: “The living creatures of this world clearly exhibit design. And that designer is God.” Atheist: “The living creatures only appear to be designed.

Perhaps some so-called prophetic books were actually written after the events they ‘predict.’ Maybe certain gifted individuals have abilities not yet understood by science and can occasionally predict the future.

It certainly doesn’t prove the Bible is inspired by God.” Christian: “I have personally experienced God, and so have many other Christians. We know that He exists from experience.” Atheist: “Unfortunately, your personal experiences are not open to investigation; I have only your word for it.


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