Aquaponics Farm Business Plan

Aquaponics Farm Business Plan-56
For example Fish Farmers can afford to pay 00/acer per year for the land on which we will build our aquaponics system.One of the micro brewers interested in joining us on the land says they can afford 00 per year for a 500 sqaure meter site (1/8th of an acre) with power and water to build a shed they will use for their brewing.We do this through using the nutrients supplied by our fish to feed and super charge the growth of our crops.

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That also means that people can freely sell their shares without having to deal with conveyancing and stamp duty issues.

By investing in the land you are helping a great project get off the ground and buying something tangible of real value in and off itself.

Either the waste pollutes the environment or masses of energy is expended processing the waste.

It’s a standard practice in industrial ecology to look at wastes and work out how to turn them into resources.

For example equipment that could include a forklift, tractor or anything else that was needed and infrastructure like a farm shop.

We have already opened up investment in Fish Farmers to our employees because we are committed to sharing the growth in the company with the people that will make it possible.

What we are Offering So to get this project off the ground people can support it by: The land will be held by a land holding company.

That means people can buy shares in the company and in effect buy a share of the land.

People that use the land including Fish Farmers will lease the land from the land holding company.

How much they will lease the land for will depend on what they negotiate with the shareholders of the land holding company.


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