Another Word For Problem Solving Skills

”Simple, practical words that denote responsibility have the most impact. But focusing on being productive, adding value and making progress show that the person is tuned in to improving the company, which almost always resonates with hiring managers.” “Anyone can say they ‘led’ a team.Launched, solved, transformed and optimized are all examples of action verbs that make you look good without resorting to cliches.”like a switch, powering up the candidate’s story, showing how they’ve improved, envisioned and transformed their work environments, and therefore, gained revenue, customer growth, reputation, traction, etc. Instead, use verbs that really explain what happened in that specific task,” insists Joyce.

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“Consider the verb ‘orchestrated’ and how it shows, versus just telling, the hiring manager what was accomplished.

Orchestrated, by definition, means to arrange and direct.

Using these keywords will definitely signal that you’ve had a role in this higher level thinking, and will grab the attention of most hiring managers.” “In general, it’s very hard to convince a resume reader that you possess various soft skills, e.g.

team player, just by listing these on your resume,” says O’Sullivan.

Reading and re-reading your resume is just the beginning of the editing process. Each of our experts weighed in on the importance of editing a resume.

Here are a few of their insights: “Word choice is incredibly important.

This isn’t the time to minimize yourself or your contributions.

If you were instrumental in a project, replace the word “helped” with the word “spearheaded.” Spearheaded, created and initiated all show that you took the lead and were not merely a participant in a project.

“If you put yourself in their shoes for a minute you will understand why.

Most job seekers want to be desirable and so they list these in-demand skills.


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