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However, she did decide to join the church at Boston.

'Marmee,' as her daughters called her, was a fine writer, an indefatigable reformer, a devoted teacher — and, above all, Louisa's literary lodestar ... To his credit, though, and after his fashion, he mentioned in passing that Louisa's mother hadn't yet received 'her full share.' To her credit, La Plante evens the score." - New York Times My Heart is Boundless: Writings of Abigail May Alcott, Louisa's Mother La Plante certainly is justified in crowing about "My Heart Is Boundless," the vibrant companion volume that has been released synchronously with "Marmee & Louisa." For the first time, Abigail May Alcott's own writings — once thought to have been destroyed — have been compiled and published.

La Plante has edited and lightly annotated a rich selection of letters, journal entries, and sketches that demonstrate, in Abigail's own words, the spirited, complicated, visionary woman she was.

Eve La Plante is a New Englander who has written many articles, essays, and non-fiction books.

Married with four children, she writes nonfiction books, one of which, Salem Witch Judge, won the 2008 Massachusetts Book Award for Nonfiction.

However, her feelings about him, as well as about her Puritan faith and her position as a woman in the Puritan community, seem complex and perhaps mixed.

They had 8 children within about 10 years, all of whom survived childhood.An Epitaph on my dear and ever honoured mother, Mrs.Dorothy Dudley, Who deceased December 27, 1643, and of her age, 61 Here lies/ A worthy matron of unspotted life,/ A loving mother and obedient wife,/ A friendly neighbor, pitiful to poor,/ Whom oft she fed, and clothed with her store;/ To servants wisely aweful, but yet kind,/ And as they did, so they reward did find:/ A true instructor of her family,/ The which she ordered with dexterity,/ The public meetings ever did frequent,/ And in her closest constant hours she spent;/ Religious in all her words and ways,/ Preparing still for death, till end of days:/ Of all her children, children lived to see,/ Then dying, left a blessed memory.The mother of 14 children and a dynamic speaker, Hutchinson held prayer meetings where women debated religious and ethical ideas.Her belief that the Holy Spirit dwells within a justified person and so is not based on the good works necessary for admission to the church was considered heretical; she was labelled a Jezebel and banished, eventually slain in an Indian attack in New York.Compare this with the epitaph she wrote for her father: Within this tomb a patriot lies/ That was both pious, just and wise,/ To truth a shield, to right a wall,/ To sectaries a whip and maul,/ A magazine of history,/ A prizer of good company/ In manners pleasant and severe/ The good him loved, the bad did fear,/ And when his time with years was spent/ In some rejoiced, more did lament./ 1653, age 77 There is little evidence about Anne's life in Massachusetts beyond that given in her poetry--no portrait, no grave marker (though there is a house in Ipswich, MA).She and her family moved several times, always to more remote frontier areas where Simon could accumulate more property and political power.No wonder Bradstreet was not anxious to publish her poetry and especially kept her more personal works private.Bradstreet wrote epitaphs for both her mother and father which not only show her love for them but shows them as models of male and female behavior in the Puritan culture.Hawthorne took shame upon himself for the misdeeds of his Puritan ancestors, and La Plante offers praise for her forebears who testified against Puritan repression.As her prefaces to these biographies, a kind of spiritual autobiography, show, Anne Hutchinson and Samuel Sewall were not the dark Puritans many imagined them to be.


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