Andrew Daley Phd Thesis

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Children's and Adults' Appreciation for the Representational Properties of Pictures and Toys (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Natalie Davidson) John Bell - Synaptic Interactomes and Neurological Disease: A Closer Look at Neurexin-1α (Mentors: Gabrielle Rudenko & Natalie Tronson) Alix Bernholtz - ‘Running in the Family’: Exploring the Causal Beliefs of At-Risk Individuals with a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Toby Jayaratne ) Rui Deng - Differential Effects of Oxytocin on The Motivation of Methamphetamine Self-Administration in Isolated and Pair Housed Female Rats (Mentor: Jill Becker) Dema Fawaz - Optogenetic Inhibition of Lateral Hypothalamic Inputs into Ventral Pallidum Amplifies Aversive ‘Disgust’ (Mentor: Kent Berridge) Danielle Flanders - Structural Priming in Sentence Production (Mentor: Julie Boland) Andrew Garton - Examining the Impact Of Cognitive Styles on Responses to Self-Relevant Failures (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran) Zoe Hawks - Memory-Control Interactions Influence the Congruency Sequence Effect (Mentor: Daniel Weissman) Sunghyun Hong - Optogenetic Stimulation of Dopamine Afferents in Nucleus Accumbens and Central Amygdala Reveals Differential Roles in Food and Social Motivation (Mentor: Kent Berridge) Yona Isaacs - Cholinergic Highs and Lows: A Genetic Link to Attentional Function? Anderson) Katherine Oddi – Fathers’ Physical Punishment and Warm Responsiveness in Relation to Childhood Attention Problems. Olson) Elise Petersen - Intersectionality and Attitudes Towards Affirmative Action. Gonzalez) Leah Potvin - Emotional Transmission in Alcoholic Couples and its Effects on Drinking Behavior. Cranford) Jane Rho - Rankings and Facial Expressions: It Looks Unfriendly at “the Top.” (Mentor: S. Mahalingam) Yen Geraldine Wai - Spirituality and Forgiveness: A Pathway to Posttraumatic Growth. Peterson) Margie Yu Ming Wong - Schizophrenia and Religion. Peterson) Erica Yi - Do Race and Gender Concordance Improve Patient - Provider Communication?

(Mentor: Cindy Lustig) Shaima Khandaker - Neural Correlates of Verbal Communication Using Infant Directed Speech in Language Acquisition: An f NIRS Investigation (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman) Lena Kremin - Predictors and Transfer of Reading Ability in Spanish-English Bilingual Children (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman) Danielle Leonard - Phonological and Lexical Processes in Bilingual Spanish-English Learners (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman) Alina Lesnovskaya - Symptoms of Depression as Indicators of Delirium in Elderly Hospitalized Veterans (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Jennifer Flaherty) Emily Lustig - Cognition and Experienced Well-Being in the Aging Population: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study (Mentor: Jacqui Smith) Christina Naegeli - Cross-Cultural Look at Orphan Care in Brazil and the USA: Does There Exist a Difference in 'Positive' Themes in Different Methods of Child Care? Ward) Lisa Kowalko - Criminal and Psychiatric Recidivism in Acquittees Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in the State of Michigan in 19: A Follow-Up Study. Holden) Melissa Maye - The Relationship Between Usage of Psychotropic Medication and Problem Behaviors Among Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Garcia) Brittany Ruiz - The Effects of Maternal Parenting Dimensions on Girls’ Risk for Relational Aggression. Olson) Mallory Salerno - Spotting Authoritarianism a Mile Away: The Development of an At-A- Distance Measure. Winter) Kimberlee Shelton - Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Health Behaviors Among Pregnant Women. Flynn) Lauren Szczurek - The Effects of Warm and Cold Metaphors on Object Perception. Schwarz) Deanna Tracy - The Relationship between Sensory Behaviors and Socialization in Young Children with Autism. Lord) Madeline Wachman - The Relationship Between Implicit Theories of Health and Health Locus of Control: Implications for Mental and Physical Health.

Christine Cheng (2011), ‘Extralegal Groups, Natural Resources and Statebuilding in Post-conflict Liberia’, D.

Cieplak (2011), ‘The Rwandan Genocide and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film’, Ph.

The cultural political economy of neoliberal moral restructuring: the case of agricultural trade in Uganda.

Supervisors: Professor Jocelyn Alexander and Dr Patricia Daley. Lucia Catherine Knight (2011), ‘Social Networks and State Grants: Sustaining the Livelihoods of Households Affected by HIV and AIDS in Kwa Zulu-Natal South Africa’, Ph. Wabyanga Robert Kuloba (2011), ‘The Berated Politicians: Other Ways of Reading Miriam, Michal, Jezebel and Athaliah in the Old Testament in Relation to Political and Gender Quandary in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya and Uganda as Case Studies’, Ph. Available at: Reuben Loffman (2011), ‘Christianity, Colonialism, and Custom from the Congo Free State to the Belgian Congo: A History of Kongolo, Katanga, 1885-1960’, Ph. Available at: Timothy Thulisizwe Phakathi (2011), ‘Worker Responses to Work Reorganisation in a Deep-level Gold Mining Workplace: Perspectives from the Rock-face [South Africa]’, D. Peano (2011), ‘Ambiguous Bonds: A Contextual Study of Nigerian Sex Labour in Italy’, Ph. Craigie (2011), ‘An Assessment of the Performance of Africa’s Protected Areas’, Ph. Supervisor: Professor Andrew Balmford, Dr Chris Carbone, Dr Jonathan Baillie. Alexandra Gillies (2011), ‘Oil Sector Reform in Africa: The Case of Nigeria’, Ph. Ida Hadjivayani (2011), ‘Norms of Swahili Translations in Tanzania: An Analysis of Selected Translated Prose’, Ph. ” Latino Adolescents' Perceptions of Neighborhood Belonging (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo) Julia Aisling Menzel-Smith - Neurological Development and Injury among Premature Lambs Supported by the Artificial Placenta (Mentors: Kent Berridge & Alvaro Rojas Pena) Tanisha Mitra - Individual Differences in the Motivation for Cocaine and Neuronal Activity Induced by a Cocaine-Paired Cue (Mentor: Terry Robinson) Lining Pan - Role of Ventral Hippocampus in Context Fear Conditioning in Males and Females (Mentor: Natalie Tronson) Kevin C.(Mentors: Sandra Graham-Bermann & Andrew Grogan-Kaylor) Stephanie Beaton - The Effects of Perfectionism on Objective Sleep Quality: The Role of Rumination (Mentor: Patricia Deldin) Diana Curtis - Feminizing Fear: Investigating the Intersections of Paranoia, Empathy, and Sex (Mentors: Patricia Deldin & Sari van Anders) Wisteria Deng - Anxiety Mediates the Relationship Between Psychotic-like Experiences and Social Functioning (Mentor: Patricia Deldin) Sheng Dong - Affiliation Motives under Pathogen Threat Studied in Electrocortical Activity of Norm Violations (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama) Danielle Harrison - Subjective and Official Reports of Neighborhood Danger and Antisocial Behavior in Adolescence (Mentor: Luke Hyde) Natasha Heart - Does Sleep Duration Moderate the Relationship Between Adolescent Psychopathology and Health Risk Behavior? Elphinah Nomabandla Cishe (2011), ‘Teachers’ Perspectives on Factors Which Facilitated and Hindered the Implementation of Curriculum 2005 (C2005) in the General Education and Training (GET) Band in One District of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa’, Ph. Sheila Boniface Davies (2011), ‘History in the Literary Imagination: The Telling of Nongqawuse and the Xhosa Cattle-Killing in South African Literature and Culture (1891-1937)’, Ph.


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