Analytical Vs Critical Thinking

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The type of exercise you choose to do is entirely up to you, but taking a tai chi or Zumba class might be a good idea.You will need to memorise steps and sequences as well as focus on executing them in a controlled manner, effectively challenging both your analytical thinking skills and your physical stamina.This will stimulate your thinking and force you to test your logic and broaden your imagination.

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The ability to make smarter data-informed decisions is key for organizations to capitalize on the asset of data.

This Executive Briefing will help empower organizations with an understanding of both critically and analytically thinking on data.

The best part is that they are fun and they can be used as bonding experiences.

So, instead of sitting in front of the TV all evening, play a brain game with your family and monitor your improvement over time.

Executives need a fundamental understanding of critical and analytical thinking in order to make smarter, more informed decisions with data.

In this course, Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills in Data Literacy: Executive Briefing, you will learn foundational knowledge of critical and analytical thinking.Although it’s not bad to have a tight-knit group, it is important to surround yourself with people that you wouldn’t normally socialise with – these are the people that will spark your imagination and offer you a new and different perspective.If you’re not sure where to meet different people, start by attending networking events and engaging with everyone you meet there.But there’s still a way to increase your critical thinking skills while you’re on the road. Believe it or not, exercise can also aid in the development of your analytical thinking skills.Indeed, ‘engaging in a program[me] of regular exercise of moderate intensity over six months or a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions’, according to Dr Scott Mc Ginnis, an instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School.Brain games like Sudoku, chess, backgammon and Scrabble can help expand your critical thinking skills.Indeed, just 15 minutes a day of playtime can increase your mental stimulation and improve your analytical skills.The framework is an elegant combination of analytical, critical and lateral thinking. This type of thinking is neither analytical nor critical.Elements of each of the three types of thinking are used under each one of the hats to help structure and set a direction for the thinking process. When one hat is used everyone is thinking in the same direction (as opposed to thinking about what the last person said, or worse, what to answer to what the last person said). And the order of the hats is decided by the meeting facilitator. It’s when we allow ourselves to take a step to the side and let our feelings and emotions talk. Some aspects of lateral thinking are part of this step of the process: The judge’s robe. This hat is for risk assessment, critical thinking: what fits the policy, strategy, resources, etc. The critical thinking elements involved in this step are: Critical Thinking consists of mental processes of analysis and evaluation and includes the process of reflecting upon the collected information in order to form a sound judgment that reconciles scientific evidence with common sense. With the green hat, we think about alternatives, seek out new ideas, generate possibilities. It is concerned with finding the problem, what we have learned until now, and how do we think about the problem.It can also be seen as creative (or generative) thinking. This is a step by step thinking process where we alternate between (without ever mixing them) various types of thinking: analytical thinking, critical thinking, and lateral thinking. The meeting facilitator sets the sequence of the hat and the time.In general, it is recommended to start with a blue hat and end with a blue hat and choose a sequence in between according to the type of problem being discussed.


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