An Essay On Child Labour

An Essay On Child Labour-73
Besides humanitarian reasons, Nardinelii (1990) argued that there was a desire to protect initiatives to mechanize the textile industry from the uncontrolled competition of a labour force composed almost entirely of children.

For the better growth of any country it is compulsory that every child must be educated, recruited a job after their education and must be enabled to lead a happy life so that they can become the good citizen and participate in overall growth of their country.

Finally, legislation condemns any work undertaken by a child for his/her own upkeep—with the notable exception of work undertaken to obtain pocket money.

The denial of gainful employment is the more paradoxical in that the family and the state often fail to provide children with what they need to lead a normal life.

The section on Children’s Work and Anthropology probes the paradox of the market impinging upon locally accepted forms of child work without transforming it into ‘child labour’.

Here, discussion is how anthropologists have criticized the simplistic views of child labour espoused by western development experts.


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