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The Traditional Values Coalition proclaimed that your story “Roselily” “could easily be construed as anti-religious and anti-clergy.” And has been described with quite colorful language, including: “profanity,” “garbage,” “a feminist agenda at the expense of black men,” and “smut.” Why do you think these works were really challenged?

What are the real, underlying threats censors saw in these works?

There were also those who felt the language, or way of speaking, of their parents and grandparents would best be forgotten, since it was not “correct” standard English speech. Black men had a fear they were being trashed in the character of Mister and had no faith that he could redeem himself. The lesbian nature of Shug and Celie’s relationship was especially hard to bear for people who believe sex, like marriage, should only occur between a woman and a man. And yet, for me, those considerations were all secondary to the overarching expression in the book of spirituality and the assurance found by many of the characters that the divine is all around us in Nature.

There is an attempt, fueled by corporations that sell meat, drugs, religion and other life choices, to control the population’s way of eating, worshipping, and expressing the desire to create something different. ” was removed from the 10th-grade California Learning Assessment System exam because, among other reasons, “it might be viewed as advocating a particular nutritional lifestyle” (a meatless one).

To others, a coterie of encomiastic enthusiasts, friends, and admirers, her creative energy is nothing but a godsend, a sacramental vessel through which the redemption of women in general, and African American women in particular, is and will be forever consummated.

And to still others, an old order of moral purists, Walker's writing, with its "decadent" thought and sensibility, is a brazen profaning of the old "sacred shrines" and the "gods" that dwell in them, and thus must be expunged from the public school curriculum.Let us examine in brief some of the grieved outcries of the first and third groups of readers.For these readers, their anger and hostility toward Alice Walker rests largely on her third and most polemical novel, The Color Purple (1982), and its film adaptation by Hollywood filmmaking guru, Steven Spielberg (1985), a work they claim distorts black history, demeans black men, and leaves in its "savage" wake a most deleterious impression of blacks.In honor of Banned Books Week, Walker shared with us her thoughts on the artist’s charge, drawing strength from history, and what it feels like to wield the pen that has everyone up in arms.— was first challenged in Oakland, California schools in 1984—removed from or retained by schools and libraries after serious debates in 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2002—and most recently challenged in Morgantown, North Carolina schools in 2008.She became very shy and slowly began to isolate herself from everyone.It was then that she took interest in reading poems and stories, and writing them. that's it was from this period-from my solitary, lonely position, the position of and outcast-that I began to see people and things, really to notice relationships and learn to be patient enough to care about how they turned out"(Pollit).Though her parents were poor sharecroppers and dairy farmers she grew up in a very loving home environment.Her first memories include her great-great-grandmother Nettie, after whom she named a character in her novel The Color Purple.Immediately after the cataract was removed, Walker gained some self conf...Alice Walker is one of the most influential and controversial figures in twentieth-century American literature.


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