Alcoholism Research Paper

Alcoholism Research Paper-14
NME, BNA, HAN, CE, JIO, and BAE designed the study procedure.

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CE, BNA, UCU, NME, JIO, and BAE carried out the analysis and interpretation of these data.

NME, CE, UCU, HAN, BNA, JIO, and BAE drafted the manuscript.

, CI = confidence interval, DNC = does not consume, EA = extremely aware, HC = highly consume, M ± SD = means and standard deviation, MA = moderately aware, MC = moderately consume, NA = not aware, RC = rarely consume, SA = slightly aware, t = test statistic.

Authorship: NME, CE, UCU, and HAN conceived the study.

The ADCQSSS was validated by 2 experts in Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education and 2 other independent experts in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation.

Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient of the ADCQSSS was 0.72 for part one, 0.76 for part two, and 0.85 for the entire scale, based on data from the current study sample.

Furthermore, parents of the selected participants signed an informed consent form to indicate their approval.

School principals of the selected stated that if the observed statistical power is large enough (≥0.80), the sample size can be considered adequate for the study.

The respondents were guided appropriately and given sufficient time (15–20 minutes) to avoid incomplete responses.

Respondents were encouraged to call the attention of any of the researchers or assistants if they need additional clarification on any item or how to complete the questionnaire.


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