A2 Media Studies Coursework Questions

Interviews Item 7- Modern master award SBIFF 2011, 30 January 2011- This item is useful as it explains that Batman is not an ordinary superhero but an ordinary man with money and with money comes power this can be seen as one of his flaws.

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Batman is seen as a superhero but in reality he is just a human being with flaws.

This theme is also predominant in my other films for example in Insomnia, Al Pacino suffers from Insomnia and in Inception Cobbs’ wife haunts his subconscious.

Al Pacino plays a sympathetic protagonist with a degree of warmth. Magazines Item 4 Empire online- This is useful as the article explains how the flaws of the main male character of Inception drive the narrative of the film.

It also states that the character is “a bruised dreamer himself, grieving for his wife and driven to new lengths of dream larceny.

Item6 Guardian, Wednesday 15 June 2005- is a short interview that is interesting and useful as it gives an in-depth reasoning behind why Christopher Nolan enjoys creating philosophical meanings.

A2 Media Studies Coursework Questions

It is an insight into the film Batman Begins, showing its central figure as a study in psychological damage.Your ability to identify styles, techniques and influences on your work should reflect a strong understanding of the chosen form you have worked within.Films Item 1 Inception- (2010) director- Christoper Nolan I chose this film as my focus film as it shows Christopher Nolans’ clear auteur presence as he deals with the theme that I am focusing on – a flawed male character, in this film the characters flaw is his emotional life and family that drive the narrative of the film.Another question that was asked was about all the male twisted characters that are featured in his films and if he would use a twisted female character and Christopher Nolan replied that in Inception Marion Cotillard plays an extremely complicated individual and gives a fascinating performance showing that the theme is not only in the male characters but has started to be portrayed in the female characters also.Item 9- Christophernolan.net- This is useful as in interview with Christopher Nolan on insomnia he tells us how the film is about responses to guilt, and two characters who deal with guilt in opposite ways.On thematic level the film says something about the role of guilt in defining morality or suggesting morality.Both characters in some sense have transgressed to cause their reacting to guilt.Item 2 Batman Begins (2005)- I chose this as my second film to look at as the theme I am looking at is explored in this film.The male character is also flawed with his emotional life as well as his fears.Item 12- ......................................................................................................... Item 13- This is important as the James Bond films have hugely influenced Christopher Nolan.Their style can be seen in a lot of Christopher Nolan’s films.


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