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When we discuss the GMAT score, we generally mean the total score, which includes both the Verbal and the Quantitative sections.

The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment sections are not included in the total score.

Firstly, the GMAT is a computerized adaptive test (CAT), which means that the test adapts to the test-taker’s abilities as he or she takes the exam.

Getting a medium question incorrect will result in fewer moderate or advanced-level questions and more easy ones, while getting easy or medium questions correct will lead to more moderate and difficult questions to gauge your overall level relative to your peers.

There are actually three ‘scores’ you receive in each section: the raw score (as in, how many questions out of 37 you get correct on the Quant section, how many questions out of 41 you get right on the Verbal section, etc.), the scaled score (1-60 for both Verbal and Quant), and the percentile ranking (which tells you how well you did on that section or the total score in relation to your peers).

Recent unofficial student reports indicate that a scaled Verbal score of 51 (approximately raw score of 35-37 out of 41) and a scaled Quant score of 48 (approx.GMAT percentile rankings tell you how you did in comparison to other students—for example, a percentile ranking of 40% would mean you scored higher than 40% of students, and 60% of test-takers scored the same as or more highly than you—and they can tell us something about the highest GMAT scores, too.Here are the GMAT total score percentile rankings for the last three years for scores between 650 and 800: Note that a 760 or above would put you in the 99th percentile, meaning that only one percent of fellow test-takers get a 760 or above.And yet even though an 800 is a lofty goal, it’s not impossible. Will a perfect GMAT score get you into the business school of your dreams?First, for reference, here are the average GMAT scores for recent incoming classes at five top-tier MBA programs: Note that all five of these top-ranked MBA programs have average GMAT scores of 710 , and in many cases incoming students have average GMAT scores of 720 and above.But keep in mind it’s not a guarantee of admission, since in the admissions officers’ eyes, a 780 is quite similar the same as an 800.After you pass the academic GMAT cutoff, the rest of your application is what matters.Devote many hours to your prep, target your weaknesses, break down question types to analyze where you’re getting it wrong and make sure you’re scoring well in every GMAT section.Check out our guide to GMAT Percentiles for help understanding GMAT percentile rankings in more detail. Our complete guide to GMAT scoring will give you more in-depth info about GMAT scores as a whole. Read our expert analysis of how difficult the GMAT actually is for more info.Getting a 720 or higher will get you into almost any business school, and a 750 or higher would be considered highly exceptional at even the most selective MBA programs.However, if your goal is an 800, plan your GMAT prep accordingly.


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