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Excessive exposure to radiation carries a slight risk of causing cancer.

Excessive exposure to radiation carries a slight risk of causing cancer.

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Please check with your insurance company prior to your appointment to make sure it is covered.

3D breast tomosynthesis is a type of procedure used specifically to image breast tissue.

Screening refers to tests that are given to people who have no symptoms, to find out if they might have a disease.

Mammograms are the best way to screen women for breast cancer.

Unlike a mammogram, which captures a 2D or flat image of the breast, a tomosynthesis can be used to produce 3D images.

The X-ray procedure is similar to a mammogram, except the X-ray tube moves in an arc over your breast.Patients who are considered at high risk of developing breast cancer (i.e.due to a family history of breast cancer) may be advised by their doctor to undergo testing.The Radiologist's report which contains your results will be sent to your doctor within a few days.When breast cancer is detected early—before it has spread—it is easier to treat and women have a much better chance of living a long life.You should receive results within two business days.Most insurance carriers consider 3D mammography a covered service.It can also pinpoint hard to find cancers that may otherwise be unnoticed, particularly in areas of dense tissue.3D mammography can benefit all women; however, your doctor is more likely to suggest a 3D mammogram if you have dense breast tissue.While it moves around your breast, it takes images from many different angles.As soon as it finishes moving, the pressure is released from your breast.


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