30 Day Business Plan

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Examine your direct (and indirect) competition and think about the reasons your customers would choose your product instead.

Here are some areas to evaluate during a competitive analysis: It’s always interesting to see a competitor’s product features compared to your own.

Go back to that SWOT analysis and focus on the threats.

Why are those competitors actual threats and what can you do to minimize these threats?

Your plan needs to show management that you can develop a territory like a real outside sales rep.

A lot of new reps think they can improvise instead of creating a detailed sales plan.These are the same salespeople who get overly cocky and end up scrambling for deals at the end of the quarter.This guide will teach you how to create a 30/60/90 day territory plan that will help you scale your new territory without missing a single step.Your plan should speak to the company’s needs, products, specific market, and values.Use your knowledge of the medical device or pharmaceutical industry and the specific company to craft a plan that speaks to its unique needs.For more information on how to create a SWOT analysis and its benefits, Creating a SWOT Analysis is a great short, step-by-step guide to help you get started.Rick Pitino By understanding your competition, you learn why your market needs your product category.You vaguely remember this from the last time you were job hunting, but it’s been a while and everything about the medical sales job search seems to have changed.You hang up and start furiously searching “30-60-90 day plan example” online in the hopes of finding something to copy, but you know this strategy isn’t likely to wow the hiring manager.The plan should show the hiring manager you understand the responsibilities of the job and are prepared to perform it well.If the company has a detailed medical sales training program in place for new hires, that can be incorporated into the plan, but if the company does not (and many don’t), the plan should show that you have the initiative to get ramped up quickly and that you won’t be a drain on resources during the process.


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